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NTNU Students Stand on the Stage of National Concert Hall with Venezuela Well- Known Conductor

 NTNU students stood on the stage of National Concert Hall with the well- known conductor Maria Guinand from Venezuela. The Formosa Singers invited Maria Guinand to conduct at the National Hall on October 29th. The performing list included 2 students from NTNU.

The “Maria Guinand & Formosa Singers” was the performance mainly of the Latin America music. Including the repertoires from Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Maria Guinand led the Formosa Singers to pass down this passionate music. Although Maria Guinand was almost at her 70s, she was totally absurd in the music and moved the body with it. She led the audiences and the performers to get close to the soul of Latin America. Besides the traditional Latin America music, there were also the Taiwanese songs and Hakka songs.
Chang Yu Tung from NTNU Department of Fine Arts was one of the performers on the stage. She indicated that it was a priceless experience to stand on the same stage with Maria Guinand. Maria guinand was only in Taiwan for around 10 days. Everyday, they practiced very hard. She couldn’t believe that Maria Guinand just finished her treatment against the cancer. 
The 20th most famous POP artist Andy Warhol said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world- famous for 15 minutes.” Chang Yu Tung wasn’t the first NTNU student that joined the Formosa Singers. But she insisted and practiced hard, finally got this chance to stand on the stage. She encouraged everyone to do what ones like and work hard on it. You will get your shining 15 minutes at last.