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Youth Music makers from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Joint Broadcast Concert at NTNU on November 4th

The “Youth Music makers from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Joint Broadcast Concert” would be held on November 4th at NTNU hall. The concert was held by NTNU. The press conference was held on November 2nd at NTNU Wen Hui Hall. Youth music makers from Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Macao gathered together at NTNU, enjoyed and exchanged the beauty of music.
Many guests from China and Taiwan participated in the press conference. Including Professor Wang Yung and Conductor Diao Hsiao Ying from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the director of Shanghai Weekly Radio Shen Hsu Chiang, vice director Ho Hung Lio, host Chou Hsiao Ling, Professor and conductor Wang Chia Yang and his wife Professor Lu Shi Chu, director Ma Chung Wei, Violin Professor Jen Wang Lei, Piano Professor Yah Min Shan, and the chairman of Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra Association.
The director of NTNU College of Music Yang Ai Lin indicated that it was a meaningful concert as NTNU was the last stop of the concert tour. She appreciated people who loved music for making a lot of efforts on the music education.
Professor Li Ho Pu from Department of Music was the most important person of the activity this time. He appreciated the cooperation of the schools in Taiwan and China, to have a chance to gather up the outstanding youth music makers together at NTNU.
The concert would be held at November 4th. 2 o’clock in the afternoon at NTNU Hall. Welcome the public to participate in this big music event.