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NTNU Broke Several Records in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

 NTNU participated in the 2012 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. 11 players in total from 4 categories of games broke the records of the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games history. Chang Kuo Chi from Department of Physic Education even broke the national record of the 50 meters free style swimming with 23 seconds 01. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En specially awarded the prizes to pay a tribute to our hardworking players who won the glories back for school. 

The 4 categories NTNU had broken the record were Male 400 meters swimming relay, male 50 meters free style swimming, and female track and field 400 meters and 1600 meters relay.
Principal Chang appreciated the efforts all the players had made. He wished the hardworking players could have more improvement in their sports life and win the glories back for school. He encouraged the players to base on the result this time, challenged the following school sports day, and break their own record.