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College of Management Signed the Exchange Student Contract with University of Michigan

The dream to study in United States would come true for students from NTNU College of Management. On November 2nd, United States University of Michigan, the dean of the College of Management Dean Lofti called on NTNU for the student exchange agreement singing ceremony. Dean Lofti guaranteed the quality of learning in University of Michigan (UM).
Most of the people were very familiar with UM. To study in UM had long been a dream to most of the students in Taiwan. The exchange student agreement between The School of Management at the University of Michigan- Flint and the College of Management of National Taiwan Normal University this time symbolized the success of internationalization of NTNU College of Management. UM had profound effect on different fields of research. Most investigations showed that more than 70% of profession of UM was in the top 10 in United States. It was called the Public lvies. Especially the College of Management research and development was one of the best. 
In order to provide students more information of UM, Dean Lofti introduced UM in details. It was divided into 3 campus, Ann Arbor campus, Dearborn campus, and Flint campus. The School of Management was located in the Flint campus. The campus included the School of Health Management, the School of Education, and the School of Fine Arts as well.  
“Art, Knowledge, and Truth” were the three targets of UM. UM expected students to study hard and play hard. There were thousands of students clubs and organizations. There were museums, theaters, centers of music, centers of fine arts, and parks on the campus. 
As for the expense in United States, Dean Lofty responded that the accommodation cost 400 US dollars a year. The student residences were close to the big city Detroit, it was really convenient.