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National Palace Museum Creative of Chinese Character Arts T-shirt Design Competition Awarding Ceremony

 In order to promote the beauty of Chinese character in the daily life, National Palace Museum organized the Creative of Chinese Character Arts Week and the T-shirt design invitation competition. National Palace Museum invited university students from NTNU, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Ling Tung University, Tung Fang Design University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, and National Taipei College of Business. The theme of the competition was “new style of the ancient time”. The competitors should combine the Chinese character with the T-shirt designed. National Palace Museum would print the T-shirt with the winning prizes designed. 

The judges included director Su Hsian Wen from National Palace Museum culture creative marketing department, director Yu Kuo Ching from educational exhibition department, CEO Cheng Hsiang Ju from Stony Image Company, Professor Lin Chun Liang from NTNU Department of Design, and Professor Chen Mei Chen from Fu Jen Catholic University Department of Applied Arts. They indicated that most of the works were very creative. The awarding works “Dragon Tattoo” nicely combined the Chinese symbolized character “Dragon” with the young pop art. Another awarding works “Listen” used the element of the displayed in National Palace Museum to create a fashion t-shirt. National Palace Museum hoped to discover more talented designer through this kind of competitions.