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The Performances of Nobel Laureate Gao Xing Jian’s Work- “Nighthawk”

 The first Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate in the Chinese-speaking world, Gao Xing Jian’s work “Nighthawk” would be performed again at Taipei and Chia Yi from November 15th to 24th.

The premiere of the “Nighthawk” was at NTNU Graduate Institute of Performing Arts in June. The performances won a lot of great feedback. Even Gao Xing Jian was amazed by the performances himself. Finally, the “Nighthawk” would be on the stage again at the end of November at Taipei and Chia Yi. 
“The basic concept of the “Nighthawk” was an experience of taking the train in Europe. I got on the wrong train, was fined and bought a new ticket, but saw other passengers without tickets set there comfortably for the entire journey. In the same cart, there were lots of different people. It was all in the intro of the play.” Gao Xing Jian named the play “Nighthawk” based on the concept of “dream”. Everything was reasonable in the dream, but opposite in the reality. He successfully described the differences between dream and reality throughout the play. The vice professor from NTNU Graduate Institute of Performing Arts Liang Chi Min indicated that everything in the dream would react on the “self”. However, sometimes, it would seem like someone else’s feeling. The “self” became a bystander. So the character “nighthawk” was played by three different actors, for the audiences to think about the relationship of people between dream and reality.