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Professor Su Hsian Fa Donated Paintings to Help the Art Gallery To Be Built

 Professor Su Hsian Fa donated his work “The White Church in Oia” to NTNU on November 8th. He expected to help raise the fund for building the art gallery for Department of Fine Arts.

NTNU Department of Fine Arts had more than 60 years history. It cultivated a lot of artists or art education workers through the years, and accumulated a huge amount of masterpieces and classic works by students. Therefore, Department of Fine Arts hoped to build an art gallery on the campus, to display and preserve these precious art works. Professor Su was born in a poor family. He understood the importance of the complete education environment to a student, so he decided to donate his work to either raise the fund of displayed. His action of donating his work meant a lot to Department of Fine Arts. Principal Chang Kuo En, Vice Principal Chen Chiung Hua, The Dean of College of Fine Arts Li Chen Ming, and all the students and teachers from Department of Fine Arts attended the ceremony to witness the great moment. 
Professor Su’s work “The White Church in Oia” was a painting illustrating the beauty of Aegean Sea in Greece. The blue ocean and the warm sunshine passed down the quite happiness of feeling. Followed the little path up the hill, you would reach the white church. Professor Su donated one of his favorite works to NTNU, for the beauty of the south Europe would belong to NTNU.