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The 109th School Affairs Conference Pointed Out The New Direction of NTNU

 NTNU had undergone a lot of changings and transformations recently. Including the agreements of sister school, big constructions on the campus, and the changings regulars of departments. The 109th School Affairs Conference was held on November 7th at NTNU comprehensive building international conference hall. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that NTNU would develop into the comprehensive university.

In the latest investigation on the enterprise’s best university graduated students ranking, NTNU was placed number 6 in the national university list. The Ministry of Education intended to categorize NTNU into the department of teacher training in Ministry of Education. However, NTNU was expected to transform into the comprehensive university, and being a teacher was not the main road most NTNU students chose when they graduated as well, NTNU was against the proposal and wished to stay at the department of higher education.
Each department and office presented the working journal in the past one year, explained the current development of the departments and the next step the department would take. 
The director of academic office Lin Hsu Chen talked about the problem that students tended to find the media to solve the problems. She expected each department teachers could educate students to seek for the help of teachers instead of the media. Ministry of Education suggested that to cut off students’ Internet in the student residence for better sleeping quality as well. 
NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En mentioned that NTNU would strive for the huge land on Wo Long Street for Mandarin teaching department and international residence. The compromise was at the last stage.