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The 8th Taiwan National Geographic Championship at NTNU

 The global warming led to the extreme climate change, scientists had to find the solution for our polluted world and the way to survive. These examples indicated that humanity was tightly related to our nature, and showed that geography was no longer the subject that just required memorization but the attitude and ability toward the global change. The 2012 8th Taiwan National Geographic Championship took place at NTNU on November 10th. 145 geography talented kids selected by each school competitions and city competitions contended for the top 10 with observatory test and writing test. The competition was very challenging. It not only tested the contestants’ geography knowledge and ability of observing, but also the reaction. Li Chi Lin from Yi Lan Kai Syuan Junior High School and Huang Chun Kai from Ping Tung Li Gang Elementary School won the golden medals of junior high school and elementary school. 

The Taiwan National Geographic Championship was guided by Minister of Education, supported by National Science Council, and held by International Geographical Union, NTNU, and Taipei Municipal University of Education. The competition was designed for fifth graders to ninth graders. The competition this year started from June. 562 schools from 22 counties and cities participated in the first round. 2379 students entered the second round. 145 students at last got the ticket to the final competition. The number of students participating in the game had gradually rising. The outstanding students would be selected to participate in the National Geographic World Championship held by United States National Geographic Society.