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2020 International Future Education Academic Seminar at NTNU

 Education is not only about learning the past and connecting to the present, but also linking up to the future. Departments of Education from National Taiwan Normal University and National Cheng Chi University, Educational Research Center, and different educational academic association (China Education Association, Republic of China Comparative Education Society) held the “2020 International Future Education Academic Seminar” at NTNU on November 9th and 10th. The seminar invited specialists in each field from all over the world for the special topic lectures. There would also be the forum of minister of ministry of education. The seminar expected to collect the ideas from different field’s specialists and lead the education in Taiwan to a better condition.

The knowledge economy and the coming of global village time speeded up the transformation of education in the world. In order to reach an agreement on the development of Taiwan education in the following ten years, the seminar focused the research and academic exchange on the running of university, international competition and cooperation, 12 years national curriculum, professions of the teachers, future campus, idea education, moralism, and disadvantaged education and senior education. The scholars published the theory based on these 8 topics, expected to reach both the theory and practice effect.
The seminar this year was slightly different from the past experience. Many theories were cut in from the aspect of Asian. Many participated scholars were from Asia as well, for example Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries that had long been affected by Confucianism. The organizer would collect the publishing paper and the advices from the scholars to publish a document for people who were interested to do the deeper research in the future.