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England University of Oxford Introduced the Summer Language Program in NTNU

 Do you look forward to the classical English life? Do you want to enter and study in the well-known university in England, University of Oxford? NTNU Office of International Affairs held the series of international academic lecture on the 13th of November, invited two representatives from Hertford College, University of Oxford to introduced their summer language and culture program.

“The most well-known university in England is University of Oxford, instead of University of Cambridge,” said Caroline Rice from Hertford College happily. Hertford College was established in 1282. It was the oldest college among the 38 colleges in University of Oxford. The college was located at the city center and was easy to access to all the spots in Oxford city. She mentioned that in the campus of University of Oxford, students could experience the movie scene in Harry Potter. They would provide exotic dishes for students at the welcoming party. The local counselors would bring students to visit all the historic spots in University of Oxford and the famous England spots, the Stonehenge.
Another Hertford College representative Andrew Hemingway indicated that students could not only get more attached to the English ability training but the college would focused on the culture background teaching as well. They thought that culture was an important part in learning a language. It made the language more meaningful. The classes would be given in the small group of students. 3 hours of the language classes, culture lectures, and English traveling program each day. At the end of the program, the college would ask students to present their learning on the stage, to introduce the features of their own country or the most impressive thought to England.