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Mandarin Teaching 3D Workshop in Second Life

 The virtual Internet world got on the trend of Mandarin learning. NTNU Mandarin Teaching Center, Center of Technology Research, and Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature held the “Mandarin 3D Virtual Situation International Workshop” together on 12th and 13th of November. They expected to build up the virtual teaching environment of the second language while playing the Second Life.

Second Life was the biggest 3D virtual exchange platform in the world. It was well know because of the reports by all the main News media at the end of 2006. In the Second Life world, people could set and definite their own character and location. Through games, communications, and trading, to reach the effect of learning. The software could apply on many different fields. It not only built up the convenient Internet flow, eliminated the distance between the partners, but also combined the business and creative thinking elements in the games. The players had to solve the problems and reached the next level together.
Professor Liang Mei Ya from National Central University Department of English Studies indicated that the basic concept of combining Second Life with language learning was that through the cooperation between each player, to teach and learn at the same time. She thought that the language learning was definitely not something you could accomplish on your own. It could develop through the group exchange.
At the end of the workshop, the lectures and the audiences exchanged their opinions to the topic. Everyone was looking forward to the new way of learning language in the virtual world.