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China Capital Normal University Called On NTNU for Further Cooperation

There are more and more academic cooperation between Taiwan and China in the recent years. China Capital Normal University vice director of academic affairs office Luo hui and other teachers led 16 students studying in Capital Normal University called on NTNU on 16th of November. Director Chuh Yueh Ching and Li Ming Fen from Office of International Affairs represented to receive our guests.

Capital Normal University was located in the capital of China, Beijing. It was a comprehensive university included the college of humanity, college of science, college of engineering, college of management, college f law, college of foreign language, and college of fine arts. The dean of Capital Normal University College of Foreign Language Chao Chin Ling indicated that even though there was no official cooperation with NTNU, the academic exchange between professors and professional groups never stopped. The specialist in Office of International Affairs Hung Chian Ting indicated that they would discuss the cooperation of master degree students in the future. They expected to provide the chance for Capital Normal University graduated students to study master degree in NTNU.

Office of International Affairs invited several students who had been exchanged to Beijing and students from China who were currently studying in NTNU to participate in the meeting. Students from Capital Normal University Chao Ching Hung indicated that she felt the differences of climate and environment between Taiwan and China. She was impressed by the artistic atmosphere in NTNU campus and she was looking forward to studying in NTNU in the future.