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2012 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Final Selection Ended Successfully

The “2012 Taiwan International Student Design Competition” final selection undertaken by NTNU Department of Design and Center of Culture & Creative Industries ended successfully at the 17th of November. 15 judges from 10 different countries in different fields were invited to select the outstanding works. After the keen discussion and competition, they finally selected the golden, silver, and bronze medals for the yearly award, product design award, and visual design and digital animation award. The awarding list would be published on the official website after approved by Ministry of Education.

15 judges from Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, United States, and Croatia gathered together at Xue Xue Institute on 16th of November to discuss and select all the works. At the opening ceremony of the announcement, Professor Shih Ling Hung from Department of Design and director Hsu Ho Chieh from Center of Culture and Creative industries introduced the concept of “Taiwan International Student Design Competition” and appreciated Ministry of Education to provide such a great platform for design students in Taiwan. Through the competition, students got a chance to learn from different point of views around the world.
The competition had reached its fifth year this year. Ministry of Education provided the high amount prize, 400 thousand NT dollars. The topic this year was “Transform” and had collected and received more than 3000 works from all over Taiwan since the competition started in June. The awarding list and the online exhibition would soon be available on the official website: