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Well-Known Pianist Pierre- Laurent Aimard Called on NTNU

 The pianist that strictly demand on every single sound that drove the best tuner in Vienna crazy, Pierre- Laurent Aimard called on Taiwan. He called on NTNU Department of Music on the 20th of November for a deep soul conversation. The activity attracted students, teachers, and publics to flood into the concert hall.

Professor Yeh Lu Na, Chao Ching Wen, and Lin Ming Hu interviewed the master. About how to prepare for the concert, Aimard indicated that he would spend time to feel what the composer tried to pass down. He personally had more feeling to the impressionist composer music and could interpret the music freely. He thought that only to maintain the original style of a culture could stand out from the globalization. 
About the education to our next generation, Aimard indicated that learning an instrument was a beautiful thing to do. His son and daughter learned violin and piano when they were children. However, he allowed them to choose their own path as they grew older. He emphasized that a person should have more specialties. The fundamental of the music background was very important. 
Aimard pointed out three things that would be the obstacles in nowadays teaching. The first problem was that the society focused on the entertainment function of learning music. People learn music to become famous or the popular stars instead of deeply connected to the music in heart. The second problem was that most of the college of music focused on the works in the Post Romanticism Ages. He suggested the schools should be more open-minded of creating the new music. The last problem was that the improvement and popularized of the Internet lower the concentration of a student. He said that Beethoven could only write the masterpiece outside of the Internet world. 
At the end of the activities, Aimard encouraged students to find something that they had passion to and devoted all into it.
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