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NTNU Department of Design Holds the Taiwan International Student Design Competition

 NTNU Department of Design Center of Culture & Creative Industries held the “Taiwan International Student Design” since 2008. Every year, the competition invited the experts in visual design field, product design field, and digital animation field all around the world to be the judges for the final competition and arranged the splendid design lectures as well. All the experts came the long way to Taiwan to share their unique concepts and opinions of design. The lecture held on the 17th of November at Xue Xue Institute attracted more than 400 people who were interested in design. 

The product design lecture in the morning was given by the CEO of Taiwan Pilotfish Company Nick Vasiljevic. He shared the relationship between creativity, business, and time. He took the examples of Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs, to tell us that “creativity” was what we needed to face the unpredictable future. The second lecture was given by the design general inspector from Japan. He pointed out that the people nowadays relied too much on the computer. We shouldn’t forget that the computer was only one of the useful tools that made our life better. The main designer Alessandro Loschiavo from the Italy brand, Aliantedizioni led the public to think about the problems the design in the future might face under the crash of globalization and localization. Following, the general inspector from t. n. a. design workshop led the audience to learn the different aspects to design from the examples of her own cases. 
In the afternoon, the plain design Professor John Gravdahl from United States Colorado State University shared his 25 years experiences of commercial, webpage design, publishing, and logo design works. The designer Felipe Taborda from Brazil and Finn Nygaard from Denmark respectively talked about the topics of “Cultural Projects: How to Make it Happen” and “Visual Voice by Finn Nygaard” to lead the audience to different fields of design works. The online publishing general inspector of Taschen Books: Publisher of books on art, architecture, design and photography Julius Wiedemann talked about the chances and crisis the technology nowadays had brought to the designers. 
Chairman of The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA) Sanja Rocco shared the concept of “design management”. The general inspector of Nautulus Inc. from Korea Kyle Hyunsuk Kim talked about the “design patent”. Analyzed the examples of Samsung and Apple recently through the different points of view. Many students who were determined to become a designer were inspired a lot by him. Professor Troy Innocent from Australia, Melbourne, Swinburne University shared his work “Urban Codemakers” that took the whole city as his design background. He led the audiences to think of the possibilities to create the new form of our city space.