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1st Cross Strait Conference on Industrial Academic Cooperative Education Created New Education Trend

 Under the time of global village, the interaction between Taiwan and China had increased a lot both on the money and the human resources. The cooperation of enterprises and education had become more and more important. On the 2nd of December, the “1st Cross Strait Conference on Industrial Academic Cooperative Education” was held in NTNU. Expected to bring the new chance of cooperation between Taiwan and China and innovate the teaching method through the forum.

The chairman of the forum, the principal of Taiwan University Education System, Professor Wu Ching Chi indicated that under the time of knowledge economy, “knowledge innovation” and “human resources” had become the new lessons for the future education. The agreement of participating in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) showed that “innovation” and “practical ability” had become the trend of the future education. Education resources training should start planning and discussing from “education operation and management” and “education and industry cooperation” issues. The conference expected to create the new platform for Taiwan and China education industry.

NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that the conference this time represented the combination of academic ability and industry market management. Training a student’s basic ability and the applying knowledge were more important. NTNU was the cradle of the future education resources and brought students the future. NTNU would face the new challenges by “innovation thoughts”, “international view points”, and “cross dimension ability” three aspects. NTNU would cooperate with several institutions based on the concept of Education Total Solution (ETS) to make the blueprint of the research of education service and development.

The conference was held by NTNU and assisted by Association of Chinese Straits Culture & Education Chain and Taiwan Sino Education Interchange Association. Through several lectures and discussions, expected to raise the quality of education in Taiwan and China.