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China Hunan Normal University Called On NTNU

China Hunan Normal University administration group called on NTNU on the 4th of December. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En, vice director of the Office of International Affairs Liang Yi Ping, and the executive officer of Center of Public Affair received the guests, expected to have more interaction and exchange in the future.

Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that NTNU had a long history. Most of the alumni were in the education field or the politic field. Different from the education system in China, although NTNU was the comprehensive university, it had the best departments of fine arts, humanity, music, and sports. He indicated that although NTNU was small, but it was located in the best area in the city center, a small area of land cost more than 1 million.
Liang Yi Ping indicated that NTNU had signed the sister school contract with more than 40 universities in China. Every year, there were lots of Taiwanese students went to study in China or the Chinese students came to study in Taiwan. Besides, many teachers and students did the academic research through the arrangement of China Development Foundation. NTNU had the good relationship with all the normal universities in China.
NTNU had focused on the Confucius activity in the recent year. NTNU expected Hu Nan Normal University to participate in the future, hoped to connect the students in two schools through this meaningful activity.