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Japan Aichi University of Education Called On NTNU to Show the Result of Technological Education

 Japan Aichi University of Education and China Nanjing Normal University called on NTNU on the 7th of December for exchange the result of technological education. Students from Aichi University of Education Department of Technological Education introduced the technological education in Japan and displayed the handmade works. Both sides had more idea about how to manage the technological education in the future. 

11 students and 3 professors from Aichi University of Education participated in the visit. Professor Miyagawa from Aichi University of Education indicated that the 11 students from the Aichi University of Education would become the teachers in the future. They hoped to learn from NTNU and gained more experiences. Professor Gu Chian Chun led 2 students from Nanjing Normal University to participate in the academic exchange. Students from Aichi University of Education introduced the school education system, organization, and displayed the teaching materials made by them. They opened the “Happy DIY Classroom” to lead the children to make some toys and tools on their own. The purpose was to make children remember the happiness of making something with their own hands. They brought the wooden bookshelf and puzzle with the logo of NTNU printed to show their result of technological education.
Students from Nanjing Normal University were surprised at the result of the technological education in Aichi University of Education. 
NTNU Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development started to hold these kinds of exchange activities since last year. Director Chang Chi Cheng indicated that these kinds of activities helped students to learn from each other. He hoped to maintain the activities every year.