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NTNU College of Management EMBA Recruiting Conference

Do you want to return to school and learn new things even if you are working for many years? NTNU College of Management held the 2nd higher manager entrepreneur management EMBA recruiting conference on the 8th of December at NTNU Wen Hui Hall.

“Do you know where you are sitting now (Wen Hui Hall) is a historic monument?” asked Professor Chiu Hao Cheng. NTNU College of Management had both sense and sensibility, classical and modern feeling. NTNU EMBA combined fine arts, sports, and innovation management courses. It was one of the special schools in Taiwan. Professor Chiu Yung Hsiang indicated that he saw three things in NTNU, the first was the young and passion EMBA student, the second was the spirit of humanity in NTNU, and the third was the great location of school.
The students from the 1st year of EMBA came back to share their experience of studying in NTNU. They all agreed that the intimate relationship between students and teachers was the reason they like about studying in NTNU. The opening resources of school that allowed you to take any class you preferred. The features of NTNU were the outstanding results of fine arts and sports. The alumni organization had established many clubs, such as dancing clubs, cycling clubs, baseball clubs, and choir. The diversity of leisure activities connected different families together.
“The E in our EMBA could be explained as Enrich” mentioned the executive chief of NTNU EMBA. NTNU EMBA combined management, fine arts, and sports with the professional courses. Sign up from the Internet from the 13th of December to the 19th of December.