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NTNU Students Participated in the International Youth Ambassador Program

 “What kind of country is Taiwan?” What would you reply when your foreign friends asked you this question? NTNU Office of International Affairs held the school selection of the International Youth Ambassador Program held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They held the explanation meeting on the 7th of December, invited the students who participated in the program in the past to share their experiences.

Taiwan was always in a disadvantage situation when the issue came to the diplomacy. In order to overcome this situation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoted the International Youth Ambassador Program. The program combined the school and non-governmental resources to do the culture exchange. On one hand, it broaden the students vision internationally, for the future leaders to have more knowledge of our situation, on the other hand, it strengthen the relationship with the countries we had diplomatic relationship and raised our visibility on the international stage. 
In the program last year and this year, NTNU got the chance to go to South Africa, Palau, and Germany. The participated students not only represented NTNU but also represented the country Taiwan to promote the beauty of Taiwan and our culture to other countries. It was a best chance to learn more about the place we lived and grew up and to enhance our ability as well.