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The Opening Ceremony of the “Educational Neuroscience Lab”

In order to raise the effectiveness of research on the educational neuroscience, NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En supported Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling to establish the “Educational Neuroscience Lab”. The opening ceremony was held on the 13th of December. In the future, the lab provided all the teachers and students to use. Principal Chang expected to develop the educational neuroscience in NTNU and cooperated with other outstanding institutions abroad.

Educational Neuroscience combined the neuroscience, biology, cognitive science, and education. The purpose was to understand students learning ability and human physiology system based on the proof of cranial nerve and provided the foundation for teaching materials design and teaching strategy development.
With the rapid development of technology, the tools and apparatus of measuring the neuroscience had become more precise and accurate. So far, the neuroscience was the field that the world was eager to develop. NTNU built the eye tracking machine, electroencephalography machine, clinical psychophysiology machine, and behavioral lab in the “educational neuroscience lab”. Through the observation with different machine, the research team could analyze the message directly from the complicated cerebrum, for example, the language, reading, mathematic, humor, and emotion. Recently, the lab was doing the research on the mathematics talent students.
The spirit of the “educational neuroscience lab” was to serve the public and share the resources with the society. Welcome students and teachers to apply to use the “educational neuroscience lab”.