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The Master of The Vocal Music- Semyon Rozin in NTNU

 You don’t need to fly to Germany to learn vocal music! The master of the vocal music- Semyon Rozin from Germany personally taught at NTNU. 

The vocal music professor, Professor Semyon Rozin from Germany The Cologne University of Music specially came to Taiwan to guide the vocal student in NTNU Department of music on the 7th of December. 
Semyon Rozin was currently teaching in Germany The Cologne University of Music. He was the inspector general of musical and the conductor of the choir. He dedicated his life to the vocal music teaching. NTNU invited Semyon Rozin to guide students from Department of Music to practice the vocal music. The participated students indicated that they specially like the way that Semyon Rozin gave the lessons. He was enjoying making the interaction with students. 
From the basic ability of reading the music book to feeling the music in the heart, Professor Semyon Rozin included every detail in his teaching. He indicated that while you first got the music book, you should read the lyrics first, and then move to the music note. It showed how important to read the lyrics and feel the emotion in the lyrics. Besides, Professor Semyon Rozin showed students his way of how to express the emotion in the music accurately. 
Although sometimes there were misunderstanding because of the differences of the language, most students had learned a lot from the master. The two hours lesson provided them so many things to practice at home. Semyon Rozin inspired students of how to sing and the correct techniques to perform.