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2012 Conference of Art and Design Development- Finding Similarities in Art

 NTNU Center of Creative and Culture Industries held the “FIND THE SIMILIRATIES: 2012 Conference of Art and Design Development” workshop at NTNU main campus. The workshop invited several speakers like Principal Hsu Hsiu Chu from Macao Polytechnic Institute School of Arts, Professor Cheng Ming Tsung from Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and general creative inspector Cheng Hsiang Ju from Stony Image to give the lectures on several interesting topics. Students and teachers in NTNU and the public participated in the workshop as well. All seats were occupied. 

The speakers shared the different lifestyle, cultural view, and design development general situations in Asia and around the world. Besides, they talked about their own experiences and discovers in cultural creative products and their design career. General Creative Inspector Cheng Hsiang Ju suggested students to learn from the creative method and design strategies from Europe and America. At the same time, people should raise the level of the products . Principal Hsu Hsiu Chu encouraged the design workers to bring the successful experiences of design industries and products in Taiwan to other places in Asia, for example, Macao. Professor Cheng Ming Tsung reminded all the participated students to try to figure out the problems on their own instead of relying on the textbooks and school education. In that case, you could receive more and deeper experiences and knowledge. 
All the participated students indicated that it was a vulnerable experience to receive the great advices from the outstanding professionals in Asia and hear their story. NTNU Center of Creative and Culture Industries would hold the similar workshop or seminar in the future; to help the culture and design industries grow better in Taiwan.