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The Aim For The Top University Project- NTNU Educational Neuroscience Lab

 The combination of brain research and education was the trend of the world. Most of the countries in the world were developing this field of knowledge. NTNU Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling Professor Cheng Hsiuh Chih made use of the resources of the Ministry of Education- The Aim For The Top University Project, to build the “Educational Neuroscience Lab”. The project was strongly supported by NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En. The opening ceremony of the lab was held on the 13th of December, expected to reach the top of the world through the new research in the lab.

Principal Chang indicated that the education research in the past only focused on either the quality or the quantity. However, the educational research on the brain science had a great change in the past few years. NTNU was the top of the educational research in the world. Just behind the University of California, Berkeley on the Mandarin research. The language research in the national periodical was the top in Taiwan. Research and education complemented each other. He believed the opening of the neuroscience lab could have a great progress in this field. 
The project proposer Professor Cheng Hsiuh Chih from Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling indicated that the United States started to do the research on the educational neuroscience in 1990. Besides applying the knowledge in brain to the teaching, the research also provided the physiology proof for Mandarin Training Center.
The workshop of brain education in NTNU started since 2005. There was a great progress and improvement in the past few years. The lab was located on the educational building, welcomed students and researchers to apply to use the lab.