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2012 Taiwanese Political Science Association Annually and Academic Conference

 The “2012 Taiwanese Political Science Association Annually and Academic Conference” was held at NTNU on the 8th and 9th of December. The main topic in 2012 was the “Re-position Era: Justice, Energy Resources Development, and International Trend”. The conference gathered a lot of scholars from the Taiwanese political field, and the scholars from Japan and Korea as well. 

NTNU Graduate Institute of Political Science indicated that through the topic issue of “Re-position Era”, people could emphasize more on the international political relationship and the “justice” in government, people, and scoiety beside the international trend and energy resources development. The president of Taiwanese Political Science Association Kuo Cheng Tian indicated that he admired the boldness and foresight of Director Wang. It reminded the educated people to remember their social responsibility.
On the opening ceremony, Director Wang of the Graduate Institute of Political Science indicated that many foreign scholars had question about the word “Normal” in “National Taiwan Normal University”. He explained that NTNU expected to jump out of the simple training of teachers to develop into a comprehensive university. Many departments were undergoing some transforming. He believed the future development of NTNU would not only be “Normal” but the full-scale improvement. 
The dean of the College of Social Science Chinese Cultural University Shao Tsung Hai gave the lecture analyzing the relationship between Taiwan and China after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He indicated that while doing the researching and analyzing, you should always stand in the middle of the issue. Perhaps what you said was not completely correct, it would not be too far from the right track.
The conference was held by Taiwanese Political Association, NTNU Graduate Institute of Political Science, and NTNU College of Social Sciences. 140 more papers including issues on Taiwan and China relationship and political thoughts were published. The scholars hoped to come up with some new ideas through the discussion and interaction on the conference.