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Committee of The Control Yuan: NTNU Students Should Be Proud of the Outstanding Fine Arts Development

 The Committee on Educational and Cultural Affairs of The Control Yuan called on NTNU on the 13th of December for the result of “The Aim For The Top University Project”. They highly approved the performances of fine arts and social science field. The members of the committee said that, “NTNU was a great success. There is no other one to replace NTNU on the Mandarin Chinese teaching. NTNU should maintain the 5 years 50 billion plan.

NTNU The Aim For The Top University Project focused on the humanity, arts, and technology. The “Center of Science Educational Research” and “Center of Mandarin and Technology Research” were established based on the project. The features of the center including teacher training, humanity, fine arts, sports and exercise, science education and digital learning, and digital reservation. NTNU tended to preserve and promote culture, art, and music with the power of technology. 
Professor Chen Hsiuh Chih from NTNU College of Extend Education introduced the educational neuroscience research result to the committee. He led them to see the electro encephalography machine, clinical psychophysiology machine, and different kinds of eye tracking machine. Director Chang Yuan Feng from Center of Cultural and Historical Relics Preservation and Maintenance Research Development introduced the equipment and works of preserving the art works. The general inspector of NTNU “The Aim For The Top University Project” Sung Yao Ting introduced the general results of the project.
The leader of the committee highly approved NTNU’s results in the project. He said that NTNU students should be proud of it. Principal Chang Kuo En appreciated the advices from the committee. He explained that there would be the online teaching for the Mandarin teaching. NTNU would cooperate with National Cheng Chi University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in the future for further development of humanity and fine arts.