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Tips on Applying Tourist Visa to United States

 Taiwan had participated in the United States Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Applying for the tourist visa and short-term business travel visa had become more convenient. NTNU Office of International Affairs invited American Institute in Taiwan on the 17th of December to hold the “United States Visa Waiver Program and Student Visa Explanation Meeting”. Expected to provide more information and details of applying the visa to United States to students.

The scope of the VWP was “tourist” and “short-term business travel”. The VWP allowed Taiwanese people to stay in United States for up to 90 days. The visa would be valid for many times in 2 years. People who were interested in applying for the visa could fill in form on the Internet. The form could be completed in 10 minutes. Besides making the progress more convenient, it saved the money for the people as well. 
For students who were interested in studying abroad, the visa was not suitable. While going to the interview, you must prepare as many documents as you can, including study permission, school report card, financial resource proof, and fee-paying proof. 
Recently, the working holiday was very popular around the world. Officers of AIT Chou Chun Nong reminded students that the working holiday was not scope for the VWP. People who were interested in working holiday should apply for the additional J-1 visa. However, the studying tour was scope for the VWP because the touring time was more than the studying time.
Chou Chun Nong mentioned some tips for interviewing for the visa. Beside express the purpose of going abroad clearly, the most important thing was to be honest with the interviewers. It would be better to answer the questions in English. 
More information on the AIT official website: