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Professor Liu Kuo Sung Established the Chinese Ink Painting Scholarship

 Professor Liu Kuo Sung had dedicated to painting for more than 60 years. Painting was just like his life. Chinese ink painting was his main creation of works. In order to promote the modern Chinese ink painting, raised the creation quality in NTNU Department of Fine Arts master students and Ph. D students, he specially donated 1 million NT dollars to establish the “Professor Liu Kuo Sung Modern Chinese Ink Painting Scholarship”. 

The scholarship donation ceremony was held on the 14th of December. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En, the dean of the college of fine arts Li Chen Ming, and the director of Department of Fine Arts showed their appreciation to Professor Liu Kuo Sung at the ceremony. 
Professor Liu Kuo Sung mentioned that he had always been proud of being a member of NTNU. In his way of studying and painting, many people had helped him, supported him, and encouraged him. Now he had the ability to do something for his alma mater, he was extremely happy.
Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that Professor Liu hoped to cultivate more talented people in Chinese ink painting by setting up the scholarship. Professor Liu was once the student in the mathematic talented class of The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University. However, he followed his interest to pursue his dream. Unlike the traditional Chinese ink painting, Professor Liu’s work had the different soul in it. He expected the teachers in school to allow students to show the creativity.