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Business Weekly reported NTNU got into the top 100 rank of best universities in Asia with the topic of “Transforming: From Teacher Training to Whole-man Training”

 In the 2012 QS World University Rankings, NTNU got the 87 in the best universities in Asia. The rapid growth shocked the scholars. How did NTNU made it in a short time? How did the 66 years old teacher training university turned into a cradle of the elites in society?

NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En pointed out that the internationalization was the superiority of NTNU. In the recent years, NTNU hired a lot of foreign professors and the young teachers team actively published the thesis on the international periodicals. The international evaluation mark therefore forward rapidly. 
Besides, NTNU turned the traditional teacher training into the combined humanity, art, and science with the spirit of teacher training’s comprehensive university. The non-teacher training students in NTNU had 60 percentages now. The principal of the school had turned to cultivate the talented people in different field and the leader of society. According to the 1111 human resources bank investigation in October, in the list of which graduate institute students the entrepreneur liked the most, NTNU was placed the 6th. It showed that NTNU had successfully on the right track of turning into the comprehensive university. 
Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that NTNU expected to cultivate the new talented people for the society. What the new time needed was the innovative ways to solve the problems, the cross-field ability, and the international vision. Therefore, NTNU kept on adjusting the teaching mode. Besides encouraging students to take the lessons beside their major, NTNU strengthen the industrial value of each department. NTNU hoped students to use what they learned in the university after they started to work. 
Perhaps what made students from NTNU stood out from other students, was the moral education.