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The Better Tomorrow- Cross-Field Combination of Social Education and Cultural Industry

 Many issues of young people were reported recently, including the low starting salary and the outflow of the talented people. Only with the innovation thought, you could walk a different road. NTNU Department of Adult & Continuing Education and the Chinese Community Education Society held the “Cross-Field Combination: The Innovative Practice of Social Education and Cultural Industry Seminar”, hoped to create the platform for the academic circles, the practical circle, and the official side. 

At the opening ceremony, director of Department of Adult & Continuing Education Chang Te Yung indicated that the social education department would change the name to lifetime education department. Facing the changing society, they had to prepare for the upcoming challenges. The seminar discussed the most popular topic “creative culture industry”. The scholars emphasized on the cross-field combination. The job in the future required people with multi skills. Students should not persist in the classroom theory.
NTNU vice Principal Lin Tung Tai was graduated from the Department of Adult & Continuing Education. The seminar invited scholars to publish the thesis in 4 different topics and arranged the time to exchange the ideas. Ph. D student Lin Wan Ju studied life time study. Besides assisting the seminar, she expected to involved in more related issues and the possibilities in the future development. The seminar attracted many people who were interested in the issue to participate in. Everybody expected to create a better future for our education and culture industry.