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Congratulations! NTNU Passed the 5 Evaluations in General Education Evaluation

 Ministry of Education authorized Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan to hold the 2012 university general education evaluation. The result was released on the 21st of December. NTNU passed the all five evaluation which were “idea, target, and feature”, “program arrangement and design”, “teacher quality and teaching quality”, “learning resources and environment”, and “organization, administration affairs, and self improvement system”. Only 3 out of 9 universities passed the evaluation. The passing showed the success of our general education.

NTNU established the Center of General Education in August of 2007. Besides taking care of the arrangement and operation of the complete general education course, it started to promote the transformation of the core general education courses recently. It had been working hard on combining the teaching resources, recruited the outstanding teachers. Provided students the complete courses through multi ways.
Director of the Center of General Education Liu Mei Hui specially gave the thanks to all the general education teachers to work hard on the courses. There were more students in the general education courses and students were from different background, which made the teaching more difficult. However, 120 supported to open the courses every semester. Besides, in order to provide students multi ways to learn, the center held several series lectures every semester. Invited teachers in NTNU or well-known celebrities. Every lecture was interesting and inspiring. 
The positive feedback this time proved the develop possibility of general education in the future. The center would continuously provide the outstanding learning environment for studnets.