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NTNU Graduate Institute of Management Interacted Online with University of Michigan-Flint

 The technology could shorten the teaching distance would never be a dream. NTNU Graduate Institute of Management Professor Hsiao Chung Chiang cooperated with the University of Michigan-Flint to open the marketing management program. The online interaction teaching was on the 15th of December this year, to discuss the huge chain market Wal-Mart’s marketing strategies in China.

Professor Hsiao indicated that he approved students’ attitude in the online meeting. He expected the technology could be applied to the media, for example, the setting of the Facebook. The professor who organized the online meeting thie time was the dean of College of Management from University of Michigan-Flint, Vahid Lotfi. Professor Vahid Lotfi had called on the 4 famous universities in Taiwan and South Korea this November. He encouraged students to walk out of classroom and see the world.
The two teachers who were in charge of the program, Jacob Peng and Somali Ghosh indicated that if students could experience the interaction through the online meeting, it would definitely help the learning and discussion. The success of the online meeting also showed that the global village was not only the concept but it could work. 
University of Michigan-Flint was established in 1956. It was an outstanding public university. There were around 8100 students currently. University of Michigan-Flint was known for its college of management. It emphasized more on the practical usage and cooperation between teachers and student. University of Michigan-Flint signed the Memorandum of Understanding with NTNU in the February of 2011. It signed the student exchange agreement with NTNU College of Management this November. More cooperation would be carried on in the future.