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Department of Graphic Arts and Communications Student Yu Chi Chung Awarded Wang Ti Wu Journalism Scholarship Again

 “Seek for your own chance, search for the scholarship out of school”

Master Student Yu Chi Chung from Department of Graphic Arts and communications participated in the scholarship only for the communication field student, “Wang Ti Wu Journalism Scholarship”, and received a high amount of money for the continuous two years. He encouraged students to search for the scholarship out of school.
“Wang Ti Wu Journalism Scholarship” provided the highest amount of money among all the communication field scholarships. The scholarship respectively selected 12 outstanding works out from 43 master students and 49 bachelor degree students. 24 students in total received the scholarship this year. Yu Chi Chung got the scholarship for the continuous second year. He was invited to represent all the scholarship receivers to share his experiences at the awarding ceremony. 
The topic last year was “Talk about the news report worker’s transition from the media trend point of view”. The topic this year was “The social network effect to the development of media”. When talking about the development of social network nowadays. Yu Chi Chung indicated that the media should go back to the original to win the audiences’ heart. The media that follow the basic “human needs” and emphasized on the public power would have better development. He pointed out nowadays the media always exaggerated the truth to win the public’s eyes. However, the “customer relationship management” was a simple concept. Understanding the inner meaning of people reacting in the social network could help the enterprises make the right decision.