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Researcher Chung Pang Chu Analyzed Biotechnology

 NTNU Center of General Education invited researcher Chung Pang Chu from Academia Sinica to analyze the profound industry, biotechnology and explained the effect the industry development would bring to human body and genes. 

NTNU director of office of academic affairs Wu Cheng Chi indicated that researcher Chung Pang Chu had done the research on steroids hormone gene mutation and adjustment for a long period of time. The research had great contribution to the medical purpose. Researcher Chung received the best woman scientist award last year. With her professional knowledge, the lecture provided students more information about the biotechnology industry.
Researcher Chung pointed out the examples of biotechnology industry at the beginning of the lecture. From the human genome map in 2000 to the Taiwan Biotechnology: Diamond Program in 2010, we could easily tell that biotechnology had a profound future and it would be the target industry in the future. 
Genome represented the collection of Genes. The research on this science was called the study of genome. Each gene in the genome could decide a person’s body structure or heredity disease. Researcher Chung took hyperlipidemia as an example. She indicated that if the gene were good, even if a person eat unhealthy food everyday, he wouldn’t get the related disease. However, if the gene were bad, even if a person eat very healthy, he still might get the disease. “The gene decide your life” was a best sentence to describe.
Facing the human life code, biotechnology was getting more and more important. It would have great effect on human’s life and future.