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2024 Future International Island Exhibition: Titan Taiwan

 Cooperated with the Ministry of Education project “2024: Future International Island Program”, NTNU Professor Liang Yi Ping from Department of English held the exhibition of her class “English of Art” final project at Qing Tian 16.

The exhibition time and date was from the 2nd of January to the 4th of January, everyday from 14:00 to 17:00. The topic was “Titan Taiwan”. The exhibition showed the original landscape and students imagination of the future Taiwan. It successfully ended the project “2024: Future International Island”.
In the class “English of Art”, all the content was taught in English. The content divided into 4 aspects: comparison of Eastern and Western Art, the ability to discuss art in English. The ability to draw the island maps, and broadened the international view. The classes allowed students to understand more about the beauty of culture and art. Through making a art piece on their own, to feel the art in their life.
The topic of the exhibition was the Taiwan Island. Professor Liang Yi Ping encouraged students to illustrate the maps in English. Students presented their imagination in different kinds of ways, drawing, painting, sketching, collaging, carving, and building the installation art. One group of people set the topic as “The Initial, The most beautiful” and made their project with the traditional totem carving. Showed the beauty of the original Taiwan. 
Professor Liang Yi Ping indicated that she was really satisfied with all the students’ work this time. She would open the similar classes in the future as well.