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Huang Shu Yi Honored to be the President of NTNU Alumni Organization of Macau

 NTNU Alumni Organization of Macau held the regular member meeting at The Landmark Hotel, Macau on the 30th of November. The member voted the president of next term and the alumnus Huang Hsu Yi from Department of Education was honored.

The director of Macau Taipei Economic And Cultural Office Luo Mu Shen, secretary Liu Meng Chiu attended the meeting to show their concern to the relationship between Taiwan and Macau. They actively promoted the educational development between Taiwan and Macau. The president and vice president of Soochow University Alumni Organization and Fu Jen Alumni Organization attended the meeting as well. 
NTNU Meng Fan Lin from the office of public affairs specially arrived in Macau to see the development of the alumni organization of Macau. She indicated that NTNU would fully support. The alumni organization of Macau was established in the October in 2010. It was the first overseas alumni organization. The feature of the alumni organization of Macau was that all of the members were between 25 years old to 35 years old. It was a young alumni organization.