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Professor Kim Yi Ki from Korea Dongguk University Called on NTNU

Korea Dongguk University Professor Kim Yi Ki was invited by NTNU Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature and International Taiwan Studies Center to call on NTNU from the 7th of January to the 15th of January to share his research result he had made in the past few years in 10 countries in Asia. He exchanged his experiences with NTNU students and teachers through the conferences, seminars, and lectures.
Professor Kim Yi Ki talked about the Korean trend in Eastern Asia culture on the 10th of January in Assisted Professor Chuang Chia Ying’s general class “Taiwan Pop Culture”. He talked about how the Korean Pop Group such as Super Junior, Wonder Girls, to the PSY Gang Nan Style could spread all over the world. Professor Kim Yi Ki gave the lectures in the fluent Chinese. He described the trend of Korean pop culture as “Anything Korea”. He mentioned that the Korean pop culture was based on the Confucian culture, globalization, capitalism, and the development of Internet in Korea.
Professor Kim Yi Ki discussed the     ”anti- Korea wave”. He worried the Korean pop culture would finaly cool down, or through the politic intervention and restriction became the cultural invasion or cultural conflicto. However, what professor Kim Yi Ki really wanted to point out was the hybridity attitude in the Korean pop culture. 
At the end of the lecture, participated students brought out a lot of questions related to the Korean pop culture and its success. The lecture made studnets concerned more about the current international issue.