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Taiwanese Young Musician Won the Champion in International Composition Competition

 Taiwanese Young Musician Li Chun Wei who was only 22 years old and currently studying in NTNU Graduate Institute of Music participated in the International Composition Competition held by Luxembourg Sinfonietta and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. He defeated 82 other composers from 38 countries and won the first prize. Li Chun Wei’s work “The Harmony of Painting” would be performed publically at the concert in Luxembourg on the 1st of February.

The International Composition Competition had held for continuously 12 years. It was not an easy competition. The regulation this year required the participants to write the songs based on the 9 paintings provided by the organization and also combined 7 instruments from Eastern and Western music. Li Chun Wei combined pipa, koto, and sanxian, with the low voice singing. The song was quite experimental. 
Li Chun Wei indicated that the last painting was the night scene of Hong Kong. Three other participants who made it into the final round presented in a loud sound. However, Li Chun Wei chose to create the quite atmosphere to reflect the beauty of the Hong Kong night scene. One of the judges told him he was very bold at the awarding ceremony.