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Hong Kong Alumni Association Raised the Fund for Building Alumni Building and International Hall

The president of NTNU Hong Kong Alumni Association Ma Hsiu Hsian held a thanksgiving fund raising dinner at Kowloon. More than 30 alumni in Hong Kong participated and raised the fund of 2 millions NT dollars. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that the amount would completely invested in the building of Alumni Building and International Hall.
Besides focusing on the sustainable development, NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En speeded up to update both software and hardware in the past few years. He had built two buildings in his term of office already. According to his plan, NTNU would reconstruct the dormitory and build the alumni building and international hall. Principal Chang Kuo En would hold more fund raising activity starting from 2013. He expected all the alumni, teachers, and enterprises could support the plan.
The thanksgiving fund raising dinner was held at Hong Kong Kowloon on the 11th of January. Principal Chang Kuo En, the head of office of academic affairs Lin Hsu Chen, and director secretary Lin An Pang attended the activity in Hong Kong. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that he was pleased to see all the alumni abroad still concerned about NTNU so much. NTNU was proud of having these alumni. He expected that the profit of the alumni building and international hall could turn into student’s scholarship in the future.