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Pennsylvania State University Professors Called on NTNU

 The dean of Pennsylvania State University College of Education David H. Monk called on NTNU on the 22nd of January for the three- days “Center of Learning Science Cross Country Research” plan. 

Principal Chang Kuo En received the guests personally. Both sides were highly expected for the further cooperation and exchange student program. NTNU established the “Center of Learning Science Cross Country Research” since last year with the support of National Science Council. The cooperation target this time was our long- term sister school Pennsylvania State University. 
NTNU representative team had called on Pennsylvania State University last year. Both sides had reached the basic agreement. In the research plan of “Center of Learning Science Cross Country Research”, the research was divided into “language science”, “science education”, and “learning technology”. The six professors from Pennsylvania State University listed the concrete goals of the academic cooperation in the future in the three- days conference. 
As for the exchange student agreement, the targeted students were from College of Liberal Arts and College of Education. NTNU expected to send the exchange students over this autumn.