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2012 Taiwan International Student Design Competition- Transform

Inspired by the details in the life, and transformed into the sources of creativity. 
The “2012 Taiwan International Student Design Competition- Transform” held by Ministry of Education and undertook by NTNU Center of Culture and Creative Industries attracted participants from more than 30 countries around the world. The awarding ceremony was held on the 25th of January at Eslite Bookshop Dun Nan. There were 38 prizes in total and the amount of the prize was up to 3 millions and 610 thousands NT dollars.
The awarding ceremony invited the Administrative Deputy Minister Chen Der Hwa from Ministry of Education to give the welcome speech. Chen Der Hwa mentioned that the creative design was the great motive power of the development of economy. Ministry of Education had always been concerned about the cultivation in creative education. The purpose of the “Taiwan International Student Design Competition” starting from 2008 was to provide a stage and information exchange platform for students in and out of Taiwan. The host of the awarding ceremony, chairman of the Taiwan Image Poster Design Association encouraged students to participate in the international competitions more. 
The competition was divided into three categories, “product design”, “visual design”, and “digital animation”. Yu Zhi Chi from China Guangdong Industry Technical College, College of Design received the yearly great prize. His visual design work “The New Specimen” showed the human’s destruction to the nature and environment with Chinese ink painting. It was both innovative on the idea and technique. 
All the awarding works would be displayed at Eslite Bookshop Dun Nan B2 Art Space. The period of the exhibition was from the 24th of January to the 29th of January. Welcome people who were interested in art and design to appreciate the works.
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