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NTNU Cultivated the International Elites

 In 2012, the 100 best universities in Asia listed by QS Intelligence Unit; NTNU was placed in the 87. It was not only the first time NTNU listed in the top 100, compared to the previous years, NTNU improved in 17 places, the public and experts were impressed with this result.

As one of the Ministry of Education supported universities with the “5 year 5 billion- forward to outstanding university plan”, NTNU had handed out the satisfied result to the public. NTNU Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that he listed the school features and superiority with the SWOT system analysis. He indicated that the key reason for the improvement of a school was the high efficiency and generous administrative team. Principal Chang emphasized on the people. In order to evaluate all the administrative teams, he developed the system that each department listed their own short, middle, and long term goals, self evaluated each month and general evaluated at the end of the semester. 10% of the evaluation was from the students and teachers satisfaction investigation. Besides the administrative teams evaluation, there were the evaluation for teachers and departments as well. Through the system, everyone could easily find out the weakness and improved it to the best.  
Principal Chang was leading the school with his own professional “science education and technology evaluation”. We believed NTNU would have better result next year.