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Alumni of Department of Fine Arts Support the Construction of Art Gallery by Donating the Art Pieces

 Many alumni from Department of Fine Arts supported the construction of NTNU new art gallery by donating their art works. Principal Chang Kuo En, the dean of College of Fine Arts Li Chen Ming, director of Department of Fine Arts Yang Yung Yuan, and the secretary Lin An Pang attended the alumni lunch gathering at Tainan on the 25th of January. 24 alumni in total attended the event and donated 12 art works to NTNU. 9 alumni indicated that they would fully support the construction. All the alumni support NTNU with actions. 

In order to collect 100 paintings, Principal Chang Kuo En visited the alumni in Tainan on the 25th of January. The leader of Tainan art association Hung Chi Yuan arranged the meeting. Principal Chang Kuo En indicated that the collection environment in the early time was not good and complete. NTNU had developed a great collecting environment now to store and display all the classical works.
The lunch meeting successfully collected 12 pieces of paintings. All the alumni indicated that they would visit NTNU in the future. They hoped the art gallery would be in construction by the time. Principal Chang Kuo En appreciated the generous alumni for donating the paintings to support NTNU.