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The Handing Over Ceremony of the Dean of NTNU College of Fine Arts

 NTNU College of Fine Arts held the 14th dean handing over ceremony on the 31st of January at the first meeting room. Principal Chang Kuo En hosted the ceremony. He approved the previous dean Li Chen Ming’s many reformations in his term of office and expected the new dean Huang Chin Lung would lead the College of Fine Arts to a new peak. The former Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs Tsung Tsai Yi, NTNU Vice Principals Cheng Chi Fu, Lin Tung Tai, and many people from the art field attended the ceremony. Students and teachers from College of Fine Arts send the flowers to show their appreciation to Li Chen Ming.

NTNU Principal Chang indicated that the dean Li Chen Ming had established the Department of Design, built the new art building, and recruited outstanding alumni back to teach in his term of office. The new dean Huang Chin Lung was very young but highly connected to the art field in and out of Taiwan. He expected Huang Chin Lung could lead the College of Fine Arts to the international stage based on all the efforts made by the previous deans. 
Li Chen Ming indicated that NTNU College of Fine Arts had a great foundation with the efforts of the past deans, for NTNU could always be the leading role in art academy field. He would return and assisted the construction of the new art building in the future.