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2013 Taiwan Wetland Forum in NTNU

 Many governments had signed the Convention of Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitats in Ramsar, Iran, or so called Ramsar Convention on the 2nd of February 1971. The 2nd of February every year became the World Wetlands Day (WWD). The topic of the WWD this year was Wetlands & Water Management. Besides, every 22nd of March would be the World Water Day. In order to show the importance and urgency of the world water management, UNESCO specially assigned 2013 as the UN International Year of Water Cooperation. The topic of the World Water Day this year was the Water Cooperation.

NTNU convened the first preparatory meeting of Taiwan green university alliance. So far there were 47 universities participating in the meeting, expecting to make some effort for the sustainable environment in Taiwan. NTNU invited Taipei City Government and environmental educational group in Taiwan to hold the 2013 Taiwan Wetland Forum.
The forum cut in with the angles of literature and science to discuss the problems Taiwan wetlands were facing. Legislator Chang Hsiao Feng pointed out that people “created” wetlands in China, spent the money and asked for the international advices to maintain the biosphere in wetlands. However, the wetlands in Taiwan were often sacrificed because of some big constructions. 
The forum emphasized on the experiences sharing and new ideas proposal. All the resolution could provide government a better way to save our wetlands.