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The Internationalization of NTNU College of Science

 NTNU College of Science was actively internationalized in the recent years, expected to raise the research average. They passed the standard of National Council Science and established the instrumentation center last year. The dean of College of Science Wang Chen Che expected to strengthen the academic research and seek for new cooperation and chances. 

College of Science had signed several college exchange contract in the past few years. Three students went to Japan Niigata University for the three weeks short term visit last year. They participated in the lectures and discussions. Four more students from College of Science would go to Niigata University this March.
The establishment of the instrumentation center least year highly raised the quality of research. The extra support from National Science Council made the operation more efficiency. The science education was a great success as well. Half of the National Council Science outstanding research prize was in the science education category. It was obvious that College of Science had significant affect on the nation science education. 
Besides, College of Science also held several lectures and seminars, invited great contribution people to attend, and cooperated with different science education unit. There was a great amount of the budget to support students to study abroad. Dean Wang indicated that, if the foreign departments or universities were interested in exchanging with NTNU, they would arrange the special fund as well. The standard of the fund would become higher and higher to encourage researchers and students to improve.