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NTNU College of Liberal Arts Strengthened Students’ Competitiveness

NTNU College of Liberal Arts actively promoted the international activities in the recent years. They had cooperated with several outstanding universities for the international academic forum. At the same time, they combined the resources between different departments in the college, held the College of Liberal Arts badge designing competition, raised the college identification and brought the members of the college together.

In 2012, College of Liberal Arts had held the “Eastern Asia Culture History and Society” international master students academic forum in South Korea with Shanghai University, University of Macau, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The sixth master students represented NTNU had outstanding performances. Three students received the great theory prize. The topic of the academic forum this year was “Asia in the Global Vision”.
College of Liberal Arts had made a strong efforts on signing sister school agreement with the universities around the world. Until now, they had signed the sister school agreement with School of Humanities Zhejiang University, University of Tsukuba, and Yonsei University. They had also called on several universities. Further cooperation agreement would be signed in the near future.
The dean of College of Liberal Arts Chen Kuo Chuan indicated that the future development of would not only focus on the teacher training courses and programs. He expected that all the students could possess the ability to adept to different environment in the future. NTNU College of Liberal Arts would combine the traditional culture with the modern vision and keep on cultivating outstanding elites for the society.