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UBA Semi- Finals NTNU Beat Hsing Wu University

 The 2012 University Basketball Association semi- final started the same day as the second semester. NTNU fought against Hsing Wu University on the 18th of February. Although NTNU was once 19 points ahead, the arrangement of bench players didn’t show the effects. The game ended at 59:56.

NTNU basketball team couch Shi Ming Tsung indicated that the main players played pretty well but the game couldn’t just rely on few players. He would train the bench players more after the game. He expected all the players could prepare for the game no matter when.
Many people were wondering where was the main NTNU basketball player Hung Kang Chiao. The couch indicated that he was injured in the game to South Korea Tai Yang University at the beginning of the year. He wouldn’t be able to play any game in UBA but he would soon returned to the team.