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College of Music Expected Multi- Development

 As the first and best department of music in Taiwan, NTNU Department of Music carried a heavy pressure and high expectation from the society. The features of the college were the outstanding teachers and steady education. They had cultivated plenty of outstanding musicians in Taiwan. Beside Department of Music and Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, there were Graduate Institute of Performing Arts and Digital Archive Center for Music. Recently, the college tried to become more and more multi- cultural. They opened the Undergraduate Program of Performing Arts and Digital Video and Audio Program; encouraged students from different departments in NTNU could get in touch with music. The dean of College of Music Chien Shan Hua expected that, through the activities held by college of Music could raise the participance of music in NTNU. 

College of Music had many chances to perform on the world stage. They often held the traditional music and academic seminars. Teachers and students were often invited to perform abroad. Last October, dean Chien led students to Beijing China Conservatory and Central Conservatory of Music to perform and visit. They impressed people in Beijing with their beautiful music. At the same time, signed the exchange student and academic cooperation agreement. Later, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Austria called on NTNU in April. They brought the amazing concert to share with students in College of Music. Following with the “2013 International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education”, which brought the music teachers from more than 10 countries gathered together in Taiwan, NTNU.
The dean Chien expected that there would be more cooperation with the enterprises or local industries in Taiwan in the future. For example, to establish the music museum or school concert hall. She also expected that the students’ music could be recorded and published in the future.